10 Row 133 Seat Transp Deluxe Bleacher


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Designed to be moved around your grounds (5 mph max), not intended for use on any public roadway. Each transportable bleacher is fitted with a galvanized steel horizontal lifting brace, and has extra bracing to stabilize the bleacher during transport. Transportable bleachers come with ground sills and require the purchase of one transport kit which can move several bleachers, one at a time. Available in 5 rows or 10 rows with aluminum understructure. 10 row bleachers move in 2 stages, 5 rows at a time. Deluxe Bleachers include double foot planks on all rows with single seat plank and riser closure on rows 4 & up. Also includes chain-link guardrail starting at row 3 and handrail at the mid point of the bleacher system. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 10 Row x 24’L, 133 Seats; Wt 3296 lbs.

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Weight 3506 lbs
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